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Tripod Turnstile

Tripod Turnstile
Product name : Tripod Turnstile
Item : KT-S211
Details :

Technical Specifications

   Drive:           Hand operated

   Orientation:      Pass left or Pass right

   Materials:        Casework:    304 grade stainless steel or Painted Steel

                   Casework lid:  304 grade stainless steel

                   Tripod hub:    Aluminium alloy painted black

                   Tripod arms:   Stainless steel tube, polished

                                Dia.36 mm, length 510mm


   Function:        Passage in both directions, electronically controllable

   Mechanism:     Control of the tripod operation is achieved by an electro-mechanical head mechanism located within the top section of the turnstile casework. It is silent in rotation and comprises the following standard features:


l         A positive lock action that prevents two passage at one time

l         A self centering machanism to ensure complete rotation once the mechanism to the home position

l         A hydraulic damper to ensure smooth operation and longer mechanism’s life

l         Anti backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the mechanism has moved to 60degree from home


    Operating Modes: When go signal is given from the access control system or from a push-button, the tripod can be rotated for 120degree, allowing the passage of only one person at a time.  


Power Failure:  In the event of isolation of the power supply the tripod can be configured to fail-safe. i.e. rotates freely, or fail-lock. i.e. locks in the home position.

               Either option is available in both or one direction.


Interface: The HE84/3 control logic has the following standard features:


l         Once input for opening/locking the mechanism in each direction(voltage free contact required)

l         Two 0V output relays including availability of use in either direction

l         Two 0V outputs to count passage in either direction

The Unit has an ajustable time out facility if required i.e. Go signal will be cancelled if passage through turnstile is not completed within pre-set time.


Power Supply:        220/110V 50/60Hz

Max Power Rating:    50VA

Logic Voltage:        24V DC

Delivery Details:  delivered fully assembled and may require lifting geer for off loading, weight is approx 70 Kg.




Cardreader Mounting

l         Surface mounting only of customer supplied readers

l         Cardreader Pedestals



l         LED traffic-lights are available to give availablity to transit in a specific direction.


Remote Control

l         Control Module: to set turnstile operation modes (free, locked or controlled by card reader)

l         Single entry push-button


Key Selector

l         Key installed on Turnstile that allows the selection of the operating modes(free, locked or controlled by card reader)



l         Electromechanical or LCD counters to count people entering or exiting the turnstile


Anti-panic Devices

l         The horizontal tripod arm can be folded in the exit direction when a force is applied. This allows people escape in case of panic.


Mechanical tripod turnstile

l         Purely mechanical units that allows the transit in one direction only. The rotation in the opposite direction is locked.


Fall-safe Configuration

l         The turnstile can be configured in the Factory in order to allow free passage in case of power failure.


Flow Rates

Reader Devices

Number per minute

Insertion type


Insertion type with PIN code keypad


Swipe type


Swipe type with PIN code keypad


Proximity ‘Hands Free’


l         Please note the figures are approximate and must be confirmed with Shenzhen Koten Technology Co.,Ltd.

l         Figures quoted are for one person per complete passage per walkway and per minute.

l         It is assumed the access control authorisation response is instantaneous.

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