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Tripod Turnstile Mechanism

Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Tripod Turnstile Mechanism Tripod Turnstile Mechanism
Product name : Tripod Turnstile Mechanism
Item :
Details :
Specification of Semi-automatic Tripod Turnstile Mechanism
Tripod hub: Aluminium alloy painted black
Tripod arms: Stainless steel tube, polished, Dia.40 mm, walkway 510mm
Control of the tripod operation is achieved by an
electro-mechanical head mechanism located within the
top section of the turnstile casework. It is silent in
rotation and comprises the following standard features:
 A positive lock action that prevents two passage at one time
A self centering mechanism to ensure complete rotation once the mechanism to the home position
A hydraulic damper to ensure smooth operation and longer mechanism’s life
Anti backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the mechanism has moved to 60degree from home
Electronic parts:
1 Power supply board
1 Main control board
1 LED direction indicator
Connecting wires
 Auto-drop-arm function: the middle arm can drop down automatically (default) (or free passing) when the power is off.
Emergency-escape function: the middle arm will drop down automatically by pressing the emergency button which can be remote-controlled whether the power is on or not.
The structure has no motor

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