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Half High Turnstile

Half High Turnstile
Product name : Half High Turnstile
Item : KT507
Details :


Framework: 304(standard)/202/316 Grade Stainless Steel/Iron

Shell’ size: 1400*1500*1000mm (Standard)

Finish: Brushed surface (default)/polishing surface/Hot-galvanized

Operation voltage: AC220V (50Hz)/AC (110-240) (60Hz); Main-board voltage: DC 24V

Control panel with count and LED digital function

Control panel with alarm and sounds indication functions (optional)

Transit speed: 20-30 persons per minute

Work environment: Indoor/outdoor

Temperature: -20 to 60

Emergency and Traffic-light function


Half High Turnstile Functions:

Reposition automatically

Bi-direction passing

The arms always be at the closing state

The gate turns 90°at a time

Input Interface: Dry Contact Digital Signal

Three passing modes for both in or out:

- Free in & out (without locked);

- Limited in & out (controlled by access control system);

- Forbidden in & out (locked & without control by the access control system).

If no passage is completed, the release will be cancelled after an adjustable time.

Optiaonal LED direction indicator

Optional indication of inside counter or outside counter

With interface of switch, compatible with all the access controller


Standard Accessories and Optional Extras:

Alternative materials, finishes and custom design

- Top material can be supplied to suit customer requirements

- Finish and color optional

Access control system integration (Refer to our access control system of C-L2000 or C-T2000)

- Integration of customer supplied readers inside

- Card reader pedestals

Ticket system integration

Status lights:

- LED display status lights flush mounted within the turnstile top, top face.
- The green badge symbol is continuously illuminated indicating passage is available.

- Upon authorization a green arrow will illuminate in the direction of passage authorization while in the opposite direction a red cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for use or is already in use.

Push button control

- Simple remote push button by wireless console

- Single push-button casework or top mounted

- Remote console to specific requirements

Usage counters

- Electro-mechanical, re-settable or non-re-settable counters outside

Mechanical operation

- Non-electrical unit allowing free movement in one direction - reverse direction locked



Office building



Super market



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