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Electric Tyre Killer

Electric Tyre Killer Electric Tyre Killer
Product name : Electric Tyre Killer
Item : KT5000
Details :
Electromechanical anti-collision Tyre Killer The tyre-killer is made of A3 steel and steel blade(Shape looks like speed bump). It adopts the mechanical and electrical integration remote control device,easily operated,safe and reliable.It is advanced equipment to intercept forbidden vehicles and terrorist vehicles. When the interception is needed, press the Up button on the remote control,then steel blade will rise up immediately. If the vehicle force through, the tyres will be punctured and deflated.When steel blade can effectively prevent the wheel passing and forced to stop. When the interception task is over,press the Down button, the blade will retract back to the casing and standby. This product has puncture and car stop function. The price is competitive. Items Specs Application range Intersection safe protection in main area Material Q235 steel/A3 steel Surface treatment Paint with reflective stripe IP IP67 Standard color Black and yellow Length 3000mm Width 580mm Height from ground 70~110mm Min weight capacity 40T Blade height 150mm Blade thickness 10mm Operation mode Electromechanical Working environment -40℃~+70℃ Control mode Short range wireless remote control/drive-by-wire Remote Control distance ≤30M Up/Down speed 2s Voltage 220V

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