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Remote Control Parking Position Lock

Remote Control Parking Position Lock Remote Control Parking Position Lock
Product name : Remote Control Parking Position Lock
Item : P6
Details :
 Features and Parameters:

New technology with exclusive patent: no need to charge or maintain!

New technology with national patent!

No need to charge or maintain, super-convenient!

Usable with ordinary dry cells, it is eco-friendly, convenient and reliable. For the best performance, every P-Lock is equipped with an original American Energizer super dry cell, whose term of validity reaches 7 years (80% of the original electric charge guaranteed).

6 protective techniques offer protection against impact, damage,  occupation, water, dust and theft.

360 degree all-round protection: a big built-in torsional spring with national patent mitigates impact from both sides;

a high-strength a-alloy blocking arm and an all-metal skeleton prevents man-made damages of all forms;

anti-occupation as well - the high-strength arm can clasp the chassis of the invading car, which has a strong detering effect.

Thanks to its omniseal design, water is harmless to P-Lock, even if immersed in it.

Double hermetic seals offer IP68-the highest level of dust prevention.

Anti-theft built-in installation screws

A whole-machine mechanical life of 1 million operations created by 25 moulds and 21 production processes.

A fashionable, perfect, top-grade appearance that matches its noble quality.

Its shape and appearance have also won a national patent.

It looks so "in" with curves like a car front.

Intelligent low-voltage warning function

The low-voltage warning function will be automatically actuated only when the user's using P-Lock on the spot to remind him/her to change the batteries.

Ultralow power consumption, ultralong service life: continuous power supply for a year per cell.

Ultralow power consumption: a cell can last for a year (Running up and down once everyday).

Standby time as long as 1.2 years

Can continue running 20,000 times for fully-charged battery (A rise and fall of the blocking arm is 1 operation.)

Quadrupling a power source's service life, longest in the industry

With its all-metal skeleton, a P-Lock is sturdy and durable, and can resist a pressure as heavy as 5 tons.

Absolutely no need to worry it would be crushed thanks to its ultrahigh pressure resistance (5tons).

Its shell is made of 2.5mm automobile-level steel plate drawn through a mould, without any welding or joints.

4 vertical shafts support it from the bottom, doubling its strength.

Its blocking arm is made of aviation-level high-strength a-alloy moulded into a bending pipe.

Imported change gears, overload clutch with national patent, and automatic withdrawing function of the blocking arm

The installed precision change gears imported with original packaging are stable and reliable.

The installed overload clutch, a national patent technology, unfailingly protects the engine, circuit and connecting gears.

Ultralow power consumption remote-control learning code and imported electron component SMT (Surface Mount Technology)

Ultralow power consumption: the electric current in standby mode (0.25 mA) and during operation (80 mA) are both lowest in the industry.

Remote-control learning code, a million groups of codes

The built-in learning button makes the setting of a new remote-controller easy.

All-round paintcoat (American CRC Plastcoat Transparent Circuit Board Protection Paint) prevents electric leakage and short circuits.

Manual backup switch

In case the remote-controller is missing and temporary unlocking is needed, just open the shell with the mechanical key, turn on the manual backup switch, lay down the blocking arm, and park your car - simple and convenient!


Other Fundamental Performance Parameters:

Product size: L510mm X W188mm X H373mm (up position)

/ 85mm (down position)

Net weight: 9.2KG

Power supply: 4.5V, 3pcs No.5 dry cells connected in series

Time of continuous power supply: 1 year (up and down once a day)

Time of standby: 1.2 years

Cell's term of validity: 7 years

Average standby current: 0.25 mA

Average operating current: 80 mA

Service environment temperature: -18---60 degrees centigrade

Shell: yellow, powder sprayed

Quick installation: well-installed with 3 expansion screws

Number of remote-controller: 1 (standard configuration)

Distance of remote control: 20 meters

Emission frequency: 315 MHz (433 MHz selectable)

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