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Automatic Card Vending Mechanism

Automatic Card Vending Mechanism
Product name : Automatic Card Vending Mechanism
Item : KT820M
Details :

1Main characteristics

l       Industrial design, adjust to high temperature and other bad environments;

l       Simulated manpower friction card issuers better adaptability to various deformed cards;

l       Watchdog of hardware and embedded operating system to ensure properly running;

l       Pre-dispense function accelerate dispensing speed;

l       Connectable with the vehicle detector to achieve card issuing and “one car, one card”;

l       Automatic buzzer alarm when no cards, fewer cards or failure.

l       Provide both RS232 and I/O voltage control interface;

l       Automatic buzzer alarm when errors occur, automatic reset after 100 seconds alarm;

l       Capacity of card stacker is more than 40pcs, automatic buzzer alarm when the withdrawing stacker is full;

l       Slide card stacker with a capacity of 40pc;

l       Adjustable of card stacker with a capacity of 120pc each;

l       Automatic withdrawal to prevent card lost (only for TCD800F series

l       Slide design to make installation and disassembling easier;

l       Molded production to ensure high consistency of precision and quality.

2Main technical data

l          Operating voltage: 24VDC (max current 2A, static current 0.1A)

l          Operating temperature: -20 to 85

l          Operating humidity: 30-90% (comparatively)

l          Use condition: install in bin

l          Card available: width: 54+/-0.5mm

Length: 85+/-0.5mm

l          Thickness: 0.3-2.5mm (adjustable)

l          Card material: Paper or Polyester card

l          Net weight of card dispenser: 2.0kg (including the briquette)

l          Time of issuing: max0.5s

l          Capacity of stacker: 150pcs (0.8mm), 100pcs available when an extra stacker is needed


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