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Loop Detector

Loop Detector
Product name : Loop Detector
Item : VD108
Details :

1. Introduction

VD-108B single loop detector is used for detecting vehicles and which were fit for parking lots, vehicle roll station or controlling traffic light systems .and so on.. The difference between VD-108B and TDL300 is the way of output. The way of output of VD-108B is TTL and the way of which of TDL300 is OCL. Any other technical reference data is same.

2. Technical data

(1) Supply Voltage:       7-12VDC@20mA

(2)Frequency range: 29 KHz-90 KHz

(3)Reaction time:  100ms

(4)Output Delay:   2s (alternative)

(5)Sensitivity:   0.02%-0.2% adjustable in 4 increments.

(6)Environmental compensation: Automatic drift compensation

(7)Loop inductance: 80uH-300Uh (include the connecting wiring)

                  Ideal 150Uh (41 KHz)

(8)Loop connection wiring: Max.5 meters, Twisted at least 20 times per meter.

(9) Storage temp: -40ºC-+85ºC

10Operating temp: -20ºC-+55ºC

(11)Relative humidity: ≤ 95%

(12)Package: standard relay package

(13)Dimensions: 27mm (L)*21mm (W)*37mm (H)

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