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Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile
Product name : Full Height Turnstile
Item : KT501B
Details :


Framework material: 202 stainless steel of thickness 1.5mm

Produce Processing: Laser cutting fully controlled by computer
Weight: approx 180Kg

Length of the barriers: 610(mm) out of the framework

The biggest bearing force of the pole : 80Kg

Force of push : 3Kg

Power supply: 220/110V   50/60Hz
Transmission of the pole: digital transmission

The direction of rotation: single direction, bi-direction(optional)

Several working modes are optional, namely two-direction card reading for limiting flow capacities,

or, one passage works while another is set to forbid passing,

or, one passage normally operates while another is free to passing.

Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasnt pass through the channel in the

pre-set time after the opening. The passing time is adjustable.

Light indicator: direction indicating

It can achieve unsupervised access control management

Working environment: indoor, outdoor(with a tent over)

Temperature: 10degree centigrade below~50degree centigrade   Relative humidity: <90%

Time for opening: 0.2second

Transit speed: 30 persons/min

Communication interface: standard RS485 interface, distance less than 1200metres

Input interface: Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal with width of more than 100ms driving current: > 10mA



Being compatible wth serveral control devices IC ,ID, magcard, bar code reader, fingerprint reader and so on.

Unlocking is quick and reliable.

Counting Function of the controller, LED figure display function (optional)
Memory Function attached in the controller
With standard input, output interface

Users include:

station, port, view spot, exhibition, swimming club, enterprise and institution, special access and so on

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